Monday Monday

I have spent the last few days recovering from the procedure I had on Thursday that failed to deliver the results my surgeon was hoping it would achieve. Although it did make me have a pain flare up. Thursday night was very uncomfortable and I woke up every few hours during the night. I was fortunate to have pain medication to cover me during the night– the pain specialist modified my medications a few weeks ago to make sure I have pain relief when I’m awake at night, which is typical of my life now.

I’m now back to what I call ‘normal pain levels’. The sharp pain I had because of the procedure has passed. What’s left is the pain that is always with me. The pain that reminds me that there is something wrong with my body that needs to be put right.

Tomorrow morning (Monday), I’ll be meeting with my surgeon to discuss what she believes should be the next step. She has already made it clear that she has significant concerns about performing the surgery prescribed for my condition. Tomorrow’s appointment will push me closer to making a decision that may change my life so drastically I won’t recognize myself.

It isn’t noon yet and my anxiety about tomorrow’s appointment can’t be measured.


I leave with The Mamas & The Papas whose words I hope are not an omen of what I should expect tomorrow

The Mamas & The Papas – Monday Monday


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