Tough Week

I’ve had a tough week with an unending pain flare up that my pain medications are barely touching.

I’m not fully recovered from a procedure I had last week intended to relieve suspected nerve pain. It failed, but the aggravation it caused to my condition is still with me.

I’m under attack from my thoughts as I wait for an appointment to get a second opinion about the surgery needed to repair the congenital condition that decided to create painful unrest in my body. Current opinions point to the surgery causing significant complications and I can’t stop my mind from imagining the worst. My overactive mind is causing me stress that in turn is causing me to experience greater pain.

I’m not sleeping well. See above.

I’m fighting the fiction my horrible boss created to terminate my employment and deny me extended health benefits. This fight involves digging up historical information to counter everything being used to justify taking away a significant support from me during my illness. This fight is taxing my mind and body.

If I can’t disconnect and relax I’m going to end up in the emergency room again.


Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Relax (original version)


3 thoughts on “Tough Week

    • Thanks lilypup.
      I have a friend that was diagnosed as bipolar around the same time I became ill. The challenges we’ve been facing with healthcare, work and friends are very similar.

      I hope things in your life are good 🙂


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