Farmhouse Retreat

I’ll be leaving the confines of the approximately 600 square feet that are my apartment for a few days. A close friend has invited me to spend some time with her at her farm a few hours outside of the city. I like it there. The house sits on a rolling 100 acres of farmland. It is spacious but the individual rooms are cozy, and the stairs creak when you climb them. The house is far enough away from the road so it’s always peacefully quiet and when the sun shines it finds its way in through every window it can reach.

Getting to the farm will be tough. I have difficulty traveling in vehicles since becoming ill. My pain is aggravated by the motion and the terrain being travelled over. I feel every start, bump, and stop. Sharp turns and potholes are the absolute worst thing my body must endure. When I’m being driven by a friend or family member they are mindful of the need to move as smoothly as traffic will allow, but on occasions when I travel by taxi, I find myself holding my breath and white-knuckling my way through the ride. It’s incredible how something I never gave a second thought to when I was healthy now creates such anxiety and elevates my pain levels.

One of the nice things about this trip to the farm will be the days in between the car rides when I will have time to rest my body. It usually takes about a day for my body to recalibrate to my normal pain levels. When the pain settles I will be able to claim a spot on the couch to look out the sitting room window and scout for the turkey vultures that make their home in the barn. When I eventually sleep there will be complete darkness because there is no light pollution to creep in through the curtains. And we will have meandering conversations over large mugs of coffee that will take my focus – even if it’s just for short moments – away from my pain.

At the end of the long car ride it’s nice to know that all I’ll have to do is take it easy…


Eagles – Take It Easy


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