Living On Edge for Me

I am the furthest thing from a religious person, but since becoming ill I see how blessed I am. There are people in my life that support me and stand by me – especially during times when I can barely stand on my own. They show me in so many ways how much they care about my health and well-being. And sometimes I lose sight of all that I have.

I have a friend who lives overseas that calls me every few weeks to check on me and get updates on the progress of the treatment of my illness. Last week I accidentally dialed his phone number because his name was in my call log right below the number of the person I intended to call. When I heard the overseas’ ringtone I quickly hung up because I realized I had misdialed. But within seconds of hanging up my friend called me back.

He panicked when he saw my call come through then disconnect. He called me back because he needed to make sure I was safe and that nothing had happened to me since our call a few days earlier. He asked if I had news from my doctors about the surgery I might have to have or if maybe my lawyer had called with news about my horrible boss. He was so relieved when I told him it was a misdial.

This friend is one of many friends and family who are on edge all the time for me. They wait with bated breath as I go to my many doctors’ appointments hoping I will come away with answers about how and when I will be better. They make time to research my condition and the many medications I take so they can have informative and supportive discussions with me. They propose things they hope will be helpful to combat my pain (meditation, acupuncture, marijuana and hypnosis). And – like my friend who called me in a panic – they all carry with them a degree of anxiety that grows the longer I continue to be ill.

That single phone call from my friend boosted me. He reminded me that I am not living through my illness alone. And in a few short minutes added to my blessings.


Coldplay – Don’t Panic


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