Gratitude and Creativity: Off-Balance with Mandala 1

I’ve been feeling off-balance all week. Almost as if I have vertigo. I know that the main causes are my health, the pain medications, and lack of sleep, but the situation with my mother certainly didn’t help. And let’s not forget the ongoing legal battle with my horrible boss, which requires attention that I have not been able to give so my lawyer can finish filing my case. I also had another appointment with the second opinion surgeon on Thursday, but I’m too worn out to write about it today.

The only thing I could muster the energy to complete this week was my first attempt at creating a mandala. It took three days to finish. It’s not the tidiest thing I’ve ever created, but I feel proud in a strange way for drawing it freehand. I’m looking forward to making another one when I feel more energized.

Mandala 1

Mandala #1

I’ve been running into a lot of information about mandalas and their spiritual nature in my travels around the interwebs. There is one blogger I found who is working on a 100 Mandala Project. Her name is Shilpa Sharma and her mandalas are incredible. You can find her creations at Shilpa Sharma Online.

I have to admit that creating this mandala had a meditative effect on me. As I was drawing the lines and filling in the shapes, lots of thoughts pushed their way into my mind and I had to work hard not to engage them. I knew I wasn’t having success quieting my mind each time I found myself responding verbally to some of my thoughts. Then I tried to apply the practice of just witnessing my thoughts. That worked a bit better. Although, I must confess that talking to myself is helping me work through some of the emotional turmoil in my daily life. I hope my therapist won’t feel threatened that talk therapy works even when he’s not in the room with me 🙂


Coldplay – Talk


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