Nerve Block No More

Two weeks have barely passed and the effects of the nerve block are wearing off. I’m having a pain flare accompanied by swollen feet and ankles, and a burn down both my legs. I also have pain in my right hip. I spent the day lying on my couch with my legs elevated by a stack of pillows because they hurt so much. I was able to escape the pain for a few hours here and there when I would doze off.

The mild relief I’ve felt over the past couple of weeks is leaving. I called the pain clinic earlier this evening and left a message for my pain specialist letting her know that things seem to be returning to my usual high pain levels. I asked for an appointment so I could go in for an assessment. I don’t know what else to do.

I apologize for the lack of music with this post.




17 thoughts on “Nerve Block No More

  1. 🙂 I’m so sorry the nerve block didn’t work. Amazing at how the medical establishment thinks they have pain management so under control, but that’s the one thing they can’t seem to get right.


  2. I wouldn’t say that the nerve block didn’t work at all. I mean, you had a few weeks of a decrease in pain, even if it was only minor. When I had mine, I didn’t even get that.


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