Absent With Hope

I’ll be away from the interwebs for a while. I’m having surgery later today. My surgeon – THE surgeon – will use his skills to work to restore my quality of life. Once his work is done, the rest will be up to me and how my body responds to the surgical pain or any nerve damage the mysterious growth in my pelvis may have caused.

I’m strangely calm about everything. I think it’s because I know I’m in good hands all around. I have an experienced surgeon leading the operation. He has chosen the other doctors on the team because he has worked with them on many cases and he trusts them. My aftercare is well planned, with every aspect of what could go wrong thought out and contingencies defined. More than anything, my friends and family continue to support me and they will be with me as I go through this.

My hope is that when I come back to writing, it will be with positive news. I hope the mysterious growth will no longer be a mystery and I hope that my pain – if not eliminated – will be significantly reduced. I’ll see you all on the other side of the mist.


U2 – Mysterious Ways



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