Returning to Writing

Today is the first day I am writing here since my surgery on August 11, 2015. It’s not the first day because I was incapable before now. It’s the first day because emotionally I feel ready, although I’m not ready to write about the details of what happened to me. However, I will tell you that regardless of how things have turned out – from a surgical perspective – I still feel blessed. From the moment I woke up from the anesthetics, I’ve had so many people caring for and about me (medical staff, friends, and family), and that care continues today and probably will for some time to come.

The reason I’m writing now is that my emotions overcame me during a conversation I was having with my friend M this afternoon when she told me to “let people care for you. It serves them too.” It’s the first time I cried since having surgery – not counting the moments I will tell you about at another time when I was in the recovery room. M’s words opened me up because, I assume, I needed the right stimulant to open me up. M felt that this emotional breakdown might be a combination of all the chemicals, the drugs, and effects from surgery building up in my body. That does make sense, but what makes more sense is that I haven’t had a moment to be alone with myself and feelings about all that has happened since I came out of surgery and her words landed on me in a way that made it impossible to keep the emotions and tears inside me any longer. So, the tears spilled out, my breath became shallow, my throat ached and my shoulders shook as I cried.

I recognize that I am being cared for, but I haven’t been caring for myself. I haven’t been tending to my emotional needs even though I know that I’m the only person who can do that. Things – unnamed feelings, fears, anxiety, hurt – have been building up and I have to start to release them before they bury me.


Peter Gabriel – Digging In The Dirt


6 thoughts on “Returning to Writing

  1. So glad to see a post from you, I have been thinking about you and how you’ve been doing. I hope the support and love around you helps in whatever you are going through x

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  2. Today while I was waiting in line at Walgreens, I noticed the cashier seemed kinda down. Not sad, just obviously not having a great day. I also noticed his glasses, so when it was my turn, I mentioned how much I liked his frames. All of a sudden, he smiled, and his face just lit up. He had a beautiful smile — but then, most people do. 🙂

    That was hours ago and I still feel good about giving the cashier a compliment. When you allow others to help you, it gives them a good feeling, too. 😀

    Look forward to hearing all the details, physical and emotional. Take care.


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