Technical Difficulties Are A Pain

As if it’s not tough enough to be stuck at home in pain, this week I’ve been plagued with technology problems. My laptop crashed a few days ago and I did everything I could think of, which turned out to be a lot considering how foggy my brain is most of the time, to get it working again. I tried the easiest thing first: running a virus scan. The scan seemed to run forever and then for reasons unknown to me the anti-virus software interrupted itself. Just like that, without any explanation, it stopped and I couldn’t get it to run again. Then I tried to run a scan with the program built into my laptop that’s supposed to keep your system safe if you don’t buy other security software. Well, guess what… That program froze multiple times and never got very far in any of the scans I started. At this point, over a day had passed and I was on the verge of tearing my hair out.

The thought that occurred next, was that I should buy some new anti-virus/security software. The only problem with that option was my fear that if I had a virus or malware on my laptop, all my banking information would be spirited away and the thief would use my money for unspeakable things. I called a friend to ask if he would buy the software and register it online for me then send me the information I would need to install it on my laptop. My friend had a better, simpler idea that did not require an immediate commitment to a new product: download the trial version. That kind of idea can only come from clear thinking.

I did just what he suggested. I downloaded the trial version of a different anti-virus/security software program. The installation didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked – the first time it was loading my system crashed again – but I finally got it on my laptop. I ran a full system scan, which took a few hours, but it was worth the wait. If I ever had a virus or malware, I don’t anymore. The software identified a list of threats but no actual virus or malware, and my computer is now being monitored by what seems like a more secure program.

Security Software Report

Was it a virus or some vicious malware that decided to rob me of my virtual connection to the outside world? Whatever the cause of my technical issues, the frustration of not being able to use my laptop for so many days was significant. I couldn’t stream TV shows or movies – a favourite pain distraction; no checking email – although that isn’t always a bad thing, but worst of all no writing or reading the blogs I follow. I know, these sound like massive first world problems. However, when you’re stuck at home in agony every day, and you lose the use of whatever tools you have that make your pain bearable, not having them makes things a lot harder.


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10 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties Are A Pain

  1. Had a similar experience this year. Without the internet for over a week. I did a lot of baking, gained a few (or more) pounds, and felt even more isolated. So glad you came through it and are back. 🙂


      • I admit I’m nervous about upgrading… I thought I would give it another couple of months for Windows to get more of the bugs out. The last I heard, Windows is offering the free upgrade for a year after release.


        • I’m not ready to upgrade yet for the same reason.
          I wasn’t sure about the upgrade expiration period so I looked it up:
          I guess we have until next summer to upgrade and from there won’t be anymore major upgrades: “This is more than a one-time upgrade: once a Windows device is upgraded to Windows 10, we will continue to keep it current for the supported lifetime of the device – at no additional charge. With Windows 10, the experience will evolve and get even better over time. We’ll deliver new features when they’re ready, not waiting for the next major release. We think of Windows as a Service – in fact, one could reasonably think of Windows in the next couple of years as one of the largest Internet services on the planet.”

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  2. I feel your pain. I have malware that has kindly installed itself on my laptop. I tried using the virus software on my laptop but no, it didn’t want to know about it. It seems to be operating alright at the moment, but pop ups keep coming up telling me ive won massive fortunes…I wish.

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