Gratitude and Creativity: Inspirograph

Yesterday, Christmas day, while I was resting I became a bit bored so I went clicking through the interwebs to ease my boredom. I was fortunate to find a site that brought back some great childhood memories about toys my cousins and I begged for when we were children. The specific toy I remembered yesterday was Spirograph. It was amazing to create colourful designs using plastic discs that looked like cogs with holes in them and coloured pencils and pens. With those few things it was possible to spend hours hypnotically filling the white space of sheet after sheet of paper.

The site I spent a couple of solid hours on yesterday is Inspirograph. Inspirograph is a website where you can use a digital application to mimic the movement of the Spirograph discs. When you open the site in your computer’s browser, you can create designs as intricate and colourful as if you were using the toy from your childhood.

These are only some of the designs I created yesterday using Inspirograph. If you find yourself with some free time on your hands check out the website. I’m certain I’ll be using Inspirograph again to occupy my mind creatively.


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