Gratitude and Creativity: A Blade Of Grass

It appears that the Penny Dreadful television series had an unexpected impact on me: the darkness, the fear, the gore, and the intensity that held it all together. One episode in particular, Episode 4 of Season 3, ‘A Blade of Grass’, where the character played by Eva Green, Vanessa Ives, relives the trauma of her forgotten institutionalization really moved me. The loneliness, pain, and terror she experiences in her padded cell are raw. Watching her live through every moment was frightening and made me cry at times. However, a few words from that episode clung to my mind: β€œnot even a blade of grass.” The context in which they are said is meant to convey hopelessness, but I felt inspiration from them.

It took a bit of turning the words over, in my head and in type, but I was finally able to weave them into poetry.

A Blade of Grass



12 thoughts on “Gratitude and Creativity: A Blade Of Grass

  1. I love that show and need to catch up to the current episode; I think the one that inspired you is the last one I watched a few weeks ago. Also, I really like your poem! πŸ™‚


        • I’m so sorry to the be the bearer of such bad news 😦
          I only found out because I went online to see what reviews were written about the final episode after I watched it. I couldn’t believe it… but I guess it’s better to leave at the top of the game than when ratings plummet like some shows do.

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            • Breaking Bad is still on my list of series to watch. I know lots of people who were addicted to it when it was on weekly. They tried to convince me to watch it then but I didn’t have the time to commit. Now I have all the time in the world :/


              • I didn’t want to watch it then either; if a zillion people are telling me how great something is, I tend to actively avoid it, whatever it is. If one or two friends tell me to check something out, I’m more likely to actually do it. I actually watched BB because one of my kids blew through it and on into Better Call Saul, which I ended up catching a lot of. And I know the feeling of dismay of having all that time to fill; I’m a SAHM but my kids are all older now (youngest just turned 12). I was also diagnosed with Bipolar 2 last winter and am not sure I could handle going back to work FT. I have lots of ideas about the things I should be doing but am not & am working on letting them go & resetting expectations for myself. (((hugs))) to you!


                • I’m the same when it comes to group pressure πŸ™‚
                  I hope you’re getting the treatment and support you need. I have a friend who was diagnosed as bipolar a few years ago and it came as a shock because of the late in life diagnosis, but I guess – as I’m learning every day – that medicine isn’t perfect.
                  Thanks for the hugs and I’m sending some back to you πŸ™‚

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