That From Which I Run

I often feel like my pain is a predator. That it takes pleasure in the chase and ultimately taking me down. The question, to which I have no answer, is how do you fight an enemy you cannot see? How do you win against an opponent about whom you know so little but who knows every corporeal detail about you? Some days I feel like a helpless animal that will succumb, at some unknown moment, in this battle that I did not start.

That From Which I Run



5 thoughts on “That From Which I Run

    • Thank you!
      There are so many things in life over which we have so little control, but the one thing I wish I could change can’t even be seen. I think that sums up what I’m living with now.
      I hope things have calmed down for you 🙂

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  1. It’s so hard to fight something you cannot see. It’s hard to explain to other people what’s going on inside your body when they can’t see it. I do hope things get better for you!


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    • Thanks so much for the kind and empathetic words.
      I have a hard time explaining my daily challenges to the people in my life. I know they care but it’s very hard to articulate how it feels when pain never stops.
      I hope things are better for you too 🙂


  2. powerful and perceptive words to convey what, so often, is very difficult to explain. Pain is not just a physical “thing” but also emotional. Even the anticipation of it, or the aftermath of it, is part of the experience.


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