My iPhone 6s: Screwed By Apple

Illness has ways of removing things from our lives that we take for granted when we are moving through the world in a healthy body. For instance, I haven’t had sex for more than three years mainly because I haven’t been in a relationship since the arrival of my illness, but more importantly because I’m in pain all the time. However, this morning after getting off the phone with the Manager from my local Apple Store I felt as if I’d been screwed  for the first time in more than three years – my apologies for the vulgar characterization.

In a conversation filled with platitudes, customer handling jargon, and loads of BS about saving the environment; the outcome is that I will not get a new phone to replace my brand new, shiny, Space Gray, iPhone 6s, which I recently purchased and was defective out-of-the-box. Instead, a phone that comes from Apple’s service inventory will replace my new phone that I was so happy to have purchased. The Manager did her very best to assure me that the quality of the ‘service phone’ will not vary in any way from my brand new, shiny, Space Gray, iPhone 6s because it comes from the same assembly line as all new Apple phones – with the only exception being the fish logo missing from the front of the box. However, none of what she said reassured me.

My iPhone 6s -Screwed By Apple

My brand new out-of-the-box iPhone 6s was defective and, according to the Manager, the only way to replace it under warranty, less than two months after it was purchased, is with a phone assembled with random components meant to revive a previously defective phone; I don’t find that at all reassuring. I also don’t find it reassuring that this Manager could not understand why such a policy, which was not disclosed to me during my earlier visit to the store, would not only be unappealing but also unacceptable to someone who had just shelled out hundreds of dollars for what is marketed as a “most advanced” product. When I pick up my replacement phone from the Apple Store: I will know it is not the same quality product I spent a considerable amount of time making the decision to invest such a great sum of money in. I will also know that Apple has done the expedient thing to save the company money at the cost of customer loyalty.

I know that many people will think I’m making a mountain out of a molehill. However, when you get ripped off by a mammoth company and they smile while doing it and tell you they have no options because Apple has no process “to return your defective phone to inventory” and you know that options do exist, it’s a pretty shitty feeling.



3 thoughts on “My iPhone 6s: Screwed By Apple

  1. My employer just gave me an Iphone 6s. The finger sensor quit on an update and I told IT dept about it. They emailed me back “Yeah, thats been happening, theres no fix for it” A $600 iphone an update breaks. But my Honor 5x android @ $180 outperforms it in every way. I’m not a fanboy of anything, I use what works. It’s terrible how Apple treats its customers after paying so much and getting so little.

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  3. I use two apple products which for the most part I’ve enjoyed. But I would never buy one. Too restrictive with the lack of user customization. And I don’t want to get into all that jailbreak stuff. The iPad is now slow as molasses and barely functional. If it were windows I could probably do something to help. I never liked Apple computers either, before all the iPod/iPhone/iPad craze. Today I realized the iPad doesn’t even have EQ for headphones while streaming. The iPhone is good for now. But when the time comes, I’ll be getting something android, chrome or windows. Actually think these are starting to become more compatible with each other, which will be nice.


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