InkTober: Day 4 – Hungry

I know how ‘hungry’ feels, but drawing it is another matter. I looked at the InkTober prompt list before going to bed last night so I could give myself a chance to think of something clever or at least interesting to depict the prompt, however, that might have been a mistake. I’ve had plenty of good ideas, only to realize that the level of difficulty to create any of the images I’ve thought of is beyond what I can successfully, or more importantly, recognizably draw.

So I decided to stop thinking and just let my pencil go where it goes. I’ve been making a pencil sketch then filling in the ink after for my drawings, which is one of the InkTober graces I’m very happy to have while working on this month-long challenge.

Here’s what hungry looks like when I don’t think about it too hard…

InkTober - Day 4 - Hungry



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