InkTober: Day 9 – Broken

I have broken four of the ten brightly coloured mugs my younger brother bought me for Christmas almost twenty years ago. He was a teenager then, and it made me feel special that he spent so much of the money from his after-school job to buy them for me. Each time I drink from one of them, I’m reminded of my brother and how much I love him. Each time I break one, even though I know it’s not a big deal to my brother, I feel a bit of guilt and disappointment in myself for not taking better care of these gifts he gave to me. Isn’t it amazing how much meaning we attach to things?

InkTober - Day 9 - Broken



4 thoughts on “InkTober: Day 9 – Broken

  1. Yes but not to just things, it’s a thing that makes an important connection to your brother. I don’t consider that petty. What a great way to get that spark each time that you are reminded of him.

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