InkTober: Day 16 – Wet

One of the things I miss in my life is traveling. Especially the opportunity it gives to visit places with sandy beaches and open water coloured in beautiful shades of blues and greens. I prefer swimming in saltwater because I don’t like the lingering chemical smell of chlorine or the way it dries the moisture from my skin. Instead of being confined by a concrete swimming pool, I’ve always enjoyed the feeling of floating in the waters of an ocean or sea that seem to fall far beyond the horizon.

I loved the feeling of being just another tiny speck of life as I was tossed by endless rolling waves. I miss standing chest-deep in salty water. Turning my back to the approaching foam of waves and nervously anticipating when they will knock me off my feet and push me closer to the shore. I long to bob up and down under brilliant blue skies. My wet waterlogged body made buoyant by the salt in the water and the skin on my fingers wrinkling; signalling that I have played in the warm water for too long.

I want my body to experience all those wonderful sensations again; soon.

InkTober - Day 16 - Wet



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