InkTober: Day 18 – Escape

Who doesn’t want to escape? From our daily lives, our jobs, and even our families; we’ve all thought about getting away from everything. And, it could be so easy to do. Pack a bag, buy a ticket to destinations unknown, then off you go. The challenge in life is staying, sticking out the choices and commitments to others and ourselves. However, sometimes we meet things we never expected – an unshakeable change of heart, fear of failure, the never-ending expectations after achieving success, workplace harassment, intimate violence, abuse –, which make escaping not only enticing but necessary.

I’ve lived through, and witnessed, situations no person should ever have to endure. I’ve seen a lack of kindness and empathy in the world that makes me wonder how it is we’ve survived this long as a civilization, or species. The work I used to do made me hopeful, sometimes, that education and access to resources could make people’s lives better and create communities in which people could feel safe and not need to plan, or pray, for a way to escape their lives. I often wonder if the work I did was ever truly helpful to anyone or when I’ll be able to get back to making contributions – meaningful ones – to a world from which so many of us would like to escape.

InkTober - Day 18 - Escape



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