InkTober: Day 19 – Flight

I envy the freedom of animals with the ability to fly. Reaching the heights of the clouds and floating above everything on the ground. I suppose that’s why I love huge roller coasters that make you feel like you’re so high in the air you might fall off the earth; and, why I’ve gone skydiving. I wanted to get back on the plane and climb up to 10,000 feet so I could glide down again, as soon as I landed and collected my parachute. It might even have been why I enjoyed gymnastics so much when I was younger. If I try hard, I can vividly remember swinging between the uneven bars then releasing my grip from the high bar and feeling my body in flight for mere seconds before landing in the safety of the mats.

Such bodily freedom shouldn’t belong only to animals with wings.

InkTober - Day 19 - Flight



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