New Year

It’s a new year for me to learn more about who I am and the world I live in.

Another year has flown by in a blur. I’m amazed at how quickly time moves, especially now when my days aren’t filled with maddening levels of activity. Still, I’m moving into this new year with new tools and insights about who I am, my illness, and my ability to cope, which hopefully will make things (even just a bit) less challenging.

My mind is abuzz with creative ideas. I hope to have the energy to give life to them with words and to pour them in bold bright colours and shapes on the clean pages of my sketchbooks, and maybe beyond. I’m making plans to travel for the first time since my illness arrived almost three and a half years ago. I’m both excited and anxious about this. Nevertheless, I know the sun, soft sand, and salt water I crave will do good things for my body. I even had a couple dates in 2016. They didn’t result in second dates, but now I know that dating with a chronic illness isn’t impossible, so I’ll probably try some more.

Most importantly, my relationships with my friends and family continue to surprise me (mainly in good ways) and bring me closer to the people I love. Where there has been conflict, I’m learning to approach things without the heavy finiteness of ‘all or nothing’ thinking. Actually, what it might truly be is clearly weighing the value the people on the other side of a rift bring to my life and what I give to theirs. That level of awareness makes room for much more compassion and cuts short the sting from offenses, whether intended or not.

All in all, with some commitment to things I learned in 2016, the year ahead should be a good one.

New Year



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