Grounding Lines

I needed to release a lot of negative emotional energy today. All the terrible violent and racist activity that’s been going on in America since last Friday has put me on edge. In the past, I might have gone for a long run but running is not an option for me because of my illness and unceasing chronic pain. Instead I opened my sketchbook and started drawing lines. I drew lines until my mind started to clear. I kept drawing them until I felt grounded again.

If I’m being honest, I’ve been on edge for quite some time. It’s hard hearing someone, like the President of America, who holds such significant power, saying things that are divisive and so far from disavowing groups rooted in hate and racism. As all of this persists, I have to believe the people who don’t hold his opinions outnumber him. I also have to believe, people whose values are built on the basic premise that all human beings are equal will prevail.



6 thoughts on “Grounding Lines

  1. I’ve been sorting through a lot of the negative energy in the air myself. Outside of just posting my art, I’ve been staying off of social media, not watching the news or even tv for that matter. I’m not trying to stick my head in the sand with hopes that it will all go away eventually. I just can’t cope with the constant bombardment of negative and divisive energy that’s being put out by people and the media. It seems after if the whole country have become drunk with anger and outrage. So I’ve been disconnecting a lot lately and trying to ease my spirit with simpler things.

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    • There’s nothing wrong with that.
      I disconnect for a few hours each day and try disconnecting from social media altogether for at least a full day or two each week.
      I’ve been following this since he announced his candidacy and it’s so horrible I can’t look away.
      At the same time, I think it’s important to stay informed so those of us on the right side of this can speak up and against this when necessary. There are people who are in denial and those who are complicit in all of this and they need to be called out with facts whenever we can.

      I’m sending you some of the positive energy I was able to generate today to support you as you too cope with the insanity coming to fruition in the world. 🙂 💛


  2. I vacillate between being overwhelmed and galvanized to action, with breaks as needed. I’m grateful that I’m able to help, but also grateful to be able to step back for breaks – not everyone can do either. So I guess I’m commenting to say I’ve been seeking balance a lot lately also.

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    • I understand how you’re feeling.
      Not being American creates a layer of distance for me. I also have the privilege to step away when I feel overwhelmed by simply turning off my tv or computer. However, I am invested because I understand the history of oppression and brutality that is being held up by some as moments of pride in America’s history and I feel a combination of shock, disgust, and fear when that happens, especially at high levels withing the country’s government.

      I hope you continue to practice self-care and step away when you need. I’m sending positive energy to support you when you feel you have the strength to help 💛

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